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We Know Just How Scary It Can Be... But With The Right Plan In Place It Can Be Easily Managed!

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With over 30 years of food allergy parenting experience, our mission is to help you avoid the mistakes we made, and shortcut the learning curve by giving you everything we've learned along the way!
“I understand the frustration and fear we experience as parents of children with food allergies.  Everyday seems to bring new stresses and anxieties.  But  it doesn't have to.”
In 2015, I had a career in education and a teenage daughter who was struggling both academically and emotionally. Determined to do what I had to do to keep her safe, I moved our family from South Florida to Colorado and left a career that I loved.   
I was fortunate to find a new job as the Director of Education and Training for one of the country's most well-respected Food Allergy Training companies, and boy did I learn a LOT!  I had raised two food-allergic children, and I thought I knew all there was to know about food allergies.  I was wrong.  So very wrong.  I learned so much about food allergies during my time with this organization, but it didn’t take long to realize how much I missed working with schools, children, and families.  So I left that position and started my own company, AllerCuisine, where I strive to create inclusive environments for those with food allergies, celiac disease, and other dietary issues to ensure EVERYONE has a safe seat at the table. 
I researched, read, and eventually became a Certified Food Allergy Management Coach and Consultant with IFAM (the International Food Allergy Management Academy).  My life is now dedicated to working with families, individuals, schools, and corporations who manage food allergies and other dietary issues so that everyone can enjoy a life free of fear and full of fervor. 
Dee Dee Vicino
“I understand the toll all the things you have to deal with, raising a child with allergies takes on your mental and physical health.”
In 2017, I had a career in marketing, a seven-year-old son with eight anaphylactic food allergies. I was like many food allergy parents stressed over how to balance work, normal family responsibilities, and keeping my son safe and included at school and social activities.  
I left my marketing career behind and took my years of learning as a food allergy mom to become a food allergy expert. I went back to school and completed my Master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychology while conducting outreach programs for the Food Allergy Research & Education Organization. In short, I became the expert I needed. 
I now work to provide support to food-allergic individuals, their families, schools, communities, workplaces, and advocate for safe inclusion while reducing the stress and anxiety that can come with living with a food allergy. 

Leah Robilotto 
What's Included

Module 1 - Building Your Allergy Rules

Build confidence in your ability to manage your child's allergy by creating and following a set of rules that act as a guideline to keep them safe.

Module 2 - Assessing & Finding Your AllerTribe

Identify key members of your family, community, and support network to form your AllerTribe.

Module 3 - Building Your Medical Tribe

Learn how to apply their own food allergy priorities to establishing a core medical team (Tribe) to provide care that is of the highest quality & fits with your families goals.

Module 4 - Identifying and Aligning Your EduTribe

Learn to interpret guidelines so that you are armed with knowledge when you begin the schools/care center interview process.

Facebook Community - Live teachings weekly from Leah Robilotto and Dee Dee Vicino

Weekly hour-long sessions to get your questions answered and individual plans completed.
"Extremely valuable information and well informed. WOW! I really wasn’t ready to leave. I learned more in this short time than I did in years of in-services and reading journals. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to get started! 
~ Iris~
" Dee Dee Vicino is a captivating, passionate presenter who goes above and beyond for her audience. Her ability to connect with her audience is instantaneous. Humor, honesty, and commitment to the betterment of society is what drives her... Dee Dee is as authentic as they come. "

~ J Goldberg~
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Join Leah Robilotto and Deborah Dee Vicino, founder of AllerCuisine to learn who you need in your corner and how to get them there.

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Weekly LIVE Courses Facilitated by Leah and Dee Dee
A Content Binder FULL of Resources Customized for YOU
Access to Digital Versions of Editable Printables
A Digital Workbook that Covers ALL of the Modules
24/7 Access to Course Recordings
24/7 Access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group
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A FREE copy of Leah's Book - Chaos to Calm
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With our iron clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, your only risk is in NOT knowing how to set your child and their environment up for success if you decide NOT to take action today!

Disclaimer: By participating in/reading my coaching service/website/blog/email series, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.

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